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 Burning August K9 LLC

K9 Instructor & Behavioral Specialists/ Service Training

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About Us

Our  journey started nearly two decades ago with our first protection K9 "Dago" Van Haus Khun. Saving our own family from a house fire and even waking us up at night from a man lurking in our windows(All true) . Dogs have changed my perspective on security and safety in nearly all aspect of life. Throughout my childhood and time in Law Enforcement, I had the opportunity and priviledge to work with  various trainers and K9 clubs, to a varied amount of K9 teams. Adding a security asset as a member of the family or as a "Force multiplier" in the application of Law Enforcement/ Private Security not only limits the applications of "deadly" force. It gives a security and piece of mind to all that admire their ability. For the would be suspects They are simply "In the way" of all the evils they can think of; or subscribe too. My journey through CPTSD brought me even closer to my own K9 and along with the birth of my son, K9 Tux was always giving me an ear to listen too, a "lick" at my fingertips when I needed it most, and the dog I know will ALWAYS have my back! My hopes are to share that relationship with you and your own beloved K9 partners

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