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NISMART Statistics show around 2,400 children are reported missing daily and in most cases are taken from their home or near it ( 2022). Statistics also show the rise of Violent Attacks on women and violent assaults in general. Through surveys, research, data analysis , and Police evidence/examples with a properly trained Protection Dog these crimes would not and could not have happened. The timing and practicality of the K9's ability to deter, defend, and engage a threat has shown to be massively effective. Whether you travel for work and need a K9 member to Protect and watch your family, or just want that extra piece of security on nightly walks/runs we can provide the highest quality in Confident Safe and Secure K9 Family members!

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National Incidence Studies of Missing, Abducted, Runaway, and Throwaway Children. (2022, July 12). Facts & stats on Missing Children . Child Find of America. Retrieved April 15, 2023, from,become%20missing%20for%20many%20reasons

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