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Our Expert Team

At Burning August K9, we have assembled a team of highly skilled and dedicated dog trainers. With years of experience and a deep passion for animals, our trainers are committed to providing the best training experience for you and your furry friend. We can not wait to get to know YOU!



K9 Instructor

Patrick Kirby

I have advanced my knowledge in K9 application, selection, and various methods of training and behavior modification through Conifer Canine Dog Trainer College. K9's are the forefront and best defense against crime! Let's strive together for higher quality training and a more positive, healthy education altogether! (Except when I upset my wife...then she can sick the dog on me and its no longer Positive and Healthy!!!) (Just kidding she's perfect!)

From my experience, viewing K9 application in prison/patrol settings they can be the difference between life and death.  Locating drugs in prison environments to prevent overdose and violence from the contrband trade, to locating a missing Alzheimer's patient that just lost their way a little too far from home. The K9 nose is an underutilized resource nationwide and their ability to sniff and locate individuals along with contraband of all types is unmatched. The presence of a K9 in a less than least lethal use of force capacity not only can vastly attribute to officer safety. It can lessen the damages by suspects and inmates alike.

In my time, I have worked, visited, and toured countless kennels, and took all the best knowledge from each of them. This also gave me the ability to work with countless different breeds of all sizes ages and behavior levels.

Attending different sport trials and hunting events showed me so many different K9 worlds I didn't even know existed and thankfully a friendly and professional environment allowed me to become friends and find mentors too a long to list of wonderful people and their K9 partners/Friends!

From producing our own litter of puppies to training many members of society's dogs, we strive for excellence, health and positivity.


Lylia Okane Master Trainer

Advanced obedience & Service Trainer

Lylia Okane

From a young age, I've been actively involved in working and competing with rabbits, dogs, and horses, developing exceptional handling skills that set me apart in my field. As a teenager, I entered the world of competitive showmanship and breed classes, showcasing my dedication and ability to excel. Alongside this, I also competed in multiple events, demonstrating my versatility and drive to succeed. I've been working as a professional trainer, dedicating myself to honing my skills and expanding my knowledge. I've participated in various seminars, both as an attendee and a host, staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends. Additionally, I've completed mentorships and internships in the canine and equine industries, further enhancing my expertise. I am constantly immersing myself in the latest research on canine nutrition and behavior, always seeking to stay ahead of the curve.

To ensure the highest standards of service, I've obtained certifications in obedience training and completed AKC's Canine College program. Continuously striving to stay informed, I avidly read the latest research on canine nutrition and behavior. When I'm not training dogs, you'll find me riding horses and pursuing my interests in canine nutrition and automotive mechanics.

With my wealth of experience, ongoing education, and genuine love for animals, I'm committed to helping dogs and their owners build strong relationships.

 Together, we can achieve your training goals and foster a harmonious bond between you and your treasured K9.

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