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Curbing unacceptable behaviors such as people reactivity, leash reactivity, and dog reactivity. Creating a safe dog is paramount to this work, and we strive to help with the communication between K9 and owner/handler!

Attention under High Distraction


Making sure the dog can maintain focus on you regardless of what is happening. Building the Handler relationship in the dog to exude confidence and insure safety no matter what the condition!

Dog Reactivity


Photo by Bundo Kim

Correct introductions are paramount in K9 behavior. Some dogs don't have the best start at life and need help in learning dogs can be friends. Who doesn't want friends right?


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Some dogs and puppies especially communicate with their mouths. This can cause accidents and injuries that nobody needs or wants. Some working breeds are more prevalent to nipping and biting and although we raise our dogs encouraging biting for police and protection work. We still train to decipher safety for children and owner alike!

Leash Reactivity/ Pulling


Walking on leash and leash manners are some of the most important qualities a dog/handler needs to learn. In many cases the dogs just wont get walked if the owners cant walk them "Nicely" or if they are too difficult to control. We want to walk WITH the dog and have them walk WITH us. Some dogs do not like leashes, and this takes some trust building and bonding beforehand!



Photo by Vova Kras:

Jumping up on people causing scratches and is one of the more common "Negative" manners dogs have especially young dogs. Properly correcting this behavior is paramount to all your visitors and family members!!

Barrier Aggression


Photo by Vitaliy Photo

Have you ever known a dog that behind a fence was like "Cujo" but in person was not? Barrier aggression (Barrier Frustration) is a territorial behavior when placed behind a barrier (gate,fence,door) Changing the dogs negative connotation to the barrier is paramount in curbing this behavior.

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