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Singular Private Training session with you and your K9 Friend! Basic on leash obedience, to Advanced obedience offered. Travel is available Contact us for details! (Travel covered by client)


Leash Manners

We want our pups to have manners regardless of who's holding the leash! Our goal is to have Safe dogs for Children of all ages, and to make sure they can walk with them nice too!!


Attention and Distraction

Having a controllable dog under ANY circumstance is vital. From K9 deployments in Civil environments to hiking in nature with your companion. Distractions will happen. We want to make YOUR relationship stronger than any stimuli thrown your way!



Building a K9 to have Self confidence under all environments and stressors. Whether dogs, people, or certain obstacles. Giving them the confidence in themselves lessens anxiety, and can deeply strengthen your dogs communication with you!!

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